Indira Priya Darsini was a established in 1998 in the Jadcherla town, Mahabubnagar District. It started with a voluntary group of women. From the initial years the founder members are in charge of the organization functioning and direction. Issues covered by Indira Priya Darsini includes all activities related to women empowerment. Sustainable dry land agriculture, eradication of child labor, skill development trainings, thrift & credit, medical, health programs, which changes life style of the people. The mission of the organization is to bring prosperity to all through sustainable development process, by involving the community in planning, implementation and management of the locally available resources as per needs and opportunities.

To translate this mission into reality the major objectives and the priority areas of action selected by Indira Priya Darsini are as follows.

•   To form groups of different people, who has knowledge about the locally available resources in different working areas of the organization.
•   To motivate and mobilize community members to identify their problems and needs on their own.
•   To Support & help the community members in developing their skills for solving these identified problems & fulfilling the needs through
     possible alternatives and efforts by the organization.
•   To make people aware about the indigenous & eco-friendly technologies
•   To organize the trainings for community members and staff of the organization for resource management and area specific action planning.