•   The Chief Functionary is National Youth Awardee for Improving livelihoods for rural women. The award given by Central Home Minister in the year 2000.
     Gold medal, Cash and Certificate was given.

•   Established 525 Vermicompost units with CAPART, APNL-BTU, APCOST in 10 villages. The farmers are using vermicompost in crop production.

•   1000 women / unemployed youth trained with CAPART assistance - After trainings all are organized in to SHG's, credit assistance provided all of them to
     start income generation.

•   14 REDP programs completed with NABARD assistance. Indira Priya Darsini is acting as Business correspondence to HDFC Bank. All the trained women
     provided loans. The Women members established their own units and all are self employed.

•   District Best NGO Award during the year 2006, presented by District Collector. The Award given for best services rendered in the field of rural

•   IPWWA RCH Coordinator judged best health worker. The award given by District collector.

•   With HDFC Bank, provided 2.5 crores to 238 groups during the year 2007-08. All most all the members are established small trades like Zardosi,
     Tie & Dye, Tailoring, Embroidery, Food processing etc..

•   Provided 15 lakhs to 73 Beneficiaries with RMK Support. The Beneficiaries are in Dairy, Petty trades.

•   Provided 5 Lakhs to 43 Disables with NHFDC Support. The beneficiaries are in House hold chemicals, Vegetable cultivation and vegetable vending,
     Cycle repairing, etc..

•   Organized 50 farmer clubs in 3 mandals and trained them as per SHG dynamics, the farmers are able to know the latest information like
     subsidy schemes, new technologies adaptation.

•   Provided advanced climate information to the farmer club members with AP Agricultural university support. This gives precautions on usage of costly
     inputs like Seeds. fertilizers and pesticides. The information on commencement of rainfall helping farmers to take up tillage practices.

•   Organized 17 Disable groups, provided 6 lakhs loans for income generation

•   Approximately 2500 Child labor educated in 5 years.

•   100 farmers trained with NABARD support on latest agricultural technologies.

•   Organized successfully Gram Shree Mela with 50 stalls for providing sustainable market linkages for SHG women.

•   Trained 60 women on Food processing technologies with CAPART assistance.

•   Created awareness in 28 villages on disable issues, provided 2350 Disability certificates.

•   Developed social forestry in 50 hectors of government land.

•   Successfully going on watersheds in 3 villages.

•   Approximately 500 women insured with LIC micro insurance scheme.

•   Created awareness to more than 20000 population on RTI /STI's in tribal areas of Balanagar Mandal - Mahabubnagar District.

•   Trained 30 Field NGO's on CAPART Guidelines

•   80 SC women trained in Zardosi activity with NYK assistance.

•   30 women trained on Herbal formulations with CHAI assistance.

•   With APCOST assistance, rural school children health camps were conducted, more then1500 school children were benefited.

•   Gas stoves repairs conducted in 30 villages with APCOST assistance, Promoted to use LPG , and to avoid tree cutting for firewood.

•   Created awareness to fill, un used man made bore wells, in 15 villages.

•   Repairs, renovation and restoration of tanks, completed in 10 tanks.

•   1500 water filters (Made with clay) distributed to BPL category.

•   From 2004 to 2008, 5 years successfully completed NCSC in Mahabubnagar with APCOST assistance. Students from district went to National event.
     This was National Science & Technology Program.

•   Trainings provided to SHG women on food processing items with Jowar.

•   Survey conducted on tribal areas for orchard development.

•   NABARD UPNRM Survey conducted in 6 villages, formulation of proposal in the process for NRM based livelihoods for Poor people, who often go for
     migration .

•   Social economic survey conducted with NABARD assistance in all tribal areas of Mahabubnagar District.