Awareness & Training
Since inception IPWWA has been playing a major role on creating awareness in rural and urban areas on different issues through various kind of programmes like :

Kalajatha, Tam Tam, IEC Material, Wall Writings, Seminars, Workshops, Rallies, Door to Door Campaigns, Public Meetings and Focus Group meetings, Field Days and Exposure visits.

Kalajatha : It is a rural cultural folk will create effective awareness in rural public. Indira Priya Darsini has given priority for using this tool to create awareness before starting the project at village level.

TAM TAM : TAM TAM is just like drool drum being used in villages to spread the massage to People to attend the Grama Sabhas to be conducted next day.

IEC Material : Information, Education and Communication through Reading material. This way communication will help the people to know information on Agriculture, Vocational Trainings, Government Schemes etc.

Public Meetings : Conducted meetings in project villages and providing information at all levels.

Workshops : Conducted workshops for target group on specific issues.

Wall Writings : Most of our project villages covered by the wall writings on specific project, it gives more impact in the villagers.

Field Days : Celebrated field days in agriculture related activities. Field day is useful to explain the Results of Demonstrations conducted on Agricultural Techniques like SRI Method of Paddy Cultivation, Azolla production and its application etc.

Exposure visits : Several Exposure visits organized to gain knowledge by seeing actual activity. This also gives an opportunity to interactions.