Farmer Club
Agriculture is the backbone of the Indian Economy as nearly 60% of the population of the country depends on agriculture and it contributes 18% to the GDP. Tenth Five Year Plan and National Agriculture Policy documents envisage a growth level of 4% in Agriculture as against the average growth of less than 2% in the last 50 years. The last decade commencing from 1990s was marked by post-Green Revolution fatigue and plateauing yield levels in many parts of the country. For sustained 4% growth in agriculture there is need to improve productivity and cut down on costs by improving efficiency.

Indira Priya Darsini has promoted farmer clubs with NABARD assistance with the following principles :

•   Credit must be used in accordance with the most suitable methods of science and technology.

•   The terms and conditions of credit must be fully respected.

•   Work must be done with skill so as to increase production and productivity.

•   A part of the additional income created by credit must be saved. Loan installments must be repaid in time and
     regularly so as to recycle credit.

The main functions that are promoted by Indira Priya Darsini are as :

•   Coordinate with banks to ensure credit flow among its members and forge better bank borrower relationship.

•   Organise minimum one meeting per month and depending upon the need, there would be 2-3 meetings per month.
     Non-members can also be invited to attend the meetings.

•   Interface with subject matter specialists in the various fields of agriculture and allied activities etc., extension
     personnel of Agriculture Universities, Development Departments and other related agencies for technical know
     how upgradation. For guest lectures, even experienced farmers who are non members from the
     village/neighbouring villages could be invited.

•   Liaison with Corporate input suppliers to purchase bulk inputs on behalf of members.

•   Organise/facilitate joint activities like value addition, processing, collective purchase of inputs and farm produce
     marketing, etc.; for the benefit of members. They can also sponsor / organise SHGs.

•   Undertake socio-economic developmental activities like community works, education, health, environment and
     natural resource management etc.

Recently, District farmer club federation was organized to strengthen the farmer clubs with respect to technology adoption and promotion.

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