Area of Operation

Regular programmes like Water conservation, Climate forecast, Vocational trainings, Disable programmes, NABARD programmes, Forest development programmes, etc are in Mandals like Jadcherla, Thimmajipet, Balanagar, Telkapallyl, Bijnapally, Nagarkurnool, Mahabubnagar & Midjil Mandals.

Major objectives

Extended economic and social services to strengthen and enhance the livelihoods of rural poor. Organize SHG's capacity building & Build capacities among rural poor. Improve access to services facilities and entitlement of rural poor. Facilitates building of participatory self management institutions among rural poor and the disabled as vehicles of their self reliance, social economic progress and self respect. Serve as a resource center for training and study upon the socio economic conditions of rural poor. Initiate programs and projects for sustainable development of rural poor and the disabled and facilitate convergence of services and facilities intended for the profit. Provide a platform for advocacy upon issues and concerns on rural poor. To educate people on HIV / AIDS, communicable diseases, water conservation and sanitation. To promote eco-friendly practices in agriculture. To educate rural masses on consumer awareness. To develop minority women by income generation activities.