Skill Development Trainings
Skill Development programme

•   Skill Development Trainings for 1000 with CAPART assistance, With CAPART assistance 1000 women / youth are
    trained in 13 trades in 50 centers. 90 % of beneficiaries are involved in Self employment by the credit assistance
    provided through HDFC Bank.

•   REDP

•   23 REDP programs for women with NABARD Assistance. More than 1500 Women are given Trainings on 11 trades.
    After the trainings, they were linked to APGVB? HDFC Banks for credit assistance to start self employment units.

•   Afforestation Programme

•   Afforestation ( Plantation ) program in 50 hectors of Government land with Ministry of Environment & Forests,
    50 hectors of Government land is taken to develop forest species. Local people are trained to protect the plants.
    School awareness programs organized to inculcate habit of planting of tress and protect them.

•   RCH

•   Reproductive Child Health in 30 villages RCH program was successfully completed in 35 villages in Balangar Mandal
    in the district. RCH-II project with Mother NGO support. The project focused on Educating 20000 population on
    Reproductive Track infections / Sexually transmitted diseases.

CAPART skill developmentProgramme

•   Women Development with Skill Development trainings for 475 women with CAPART assistance 475 Women are
    trained on Zardosi, Tie & Dye, Hand Embroidery. Six months training given for perfectness. After the training
    HDFC Bank loans are provided.

•   Loans

•   IPWWA has also provided loans to the trainees through RMK, NHFDC, AWARE Macs, TBF.

•   NCSC programme

•   Implemented 5 years National Children Science Congress on behalf of APCOST in the district. School Competitions
    are organized and involved School children to prepare proposals on Environment related, Water conservation,
    Eco -Farming systems etc. Two times the district school children had reached National Competitions

•   Gram Shree Mela

•   Gram Shree Mela With CAPART assistance, Gram Shree Mela organsied for 10 days. This is an exhibition by
    displaying SHG products to introduce the rural products to urban consumer.

•   Organic forming

•   Promoted Vermicompost and other technologies like NPM Management in 30 villages with NABARD, CAPART &
    APCOST assistance.


The Government of Andhra Pradesh initiated the process of providing to the farmers benefitting from irrigation projects, substantive management role in the operation and maintenance of the irrigation tanks.

The project development objective is selected tank based procedure to improve agriculture productivity and water users associations to manage tank systems effectively and increased in area irrigated, improved water availability to tail-end farmers, increase in agricultural, livestock, fisheries productivity and production from tank system, strengthening water users associations.

The IPWWA had an opportunity to implementing this programme in 9 tanks of 3 mandals in our district. The selected mandals are Bijnapally, Nagarkurnool & Telkapaly mandals. We are creating awareness and strengthening the water users associations for sustainable tank development mode. Improve the agriculture productivity through effective water management and utilization and demonstrations.

Medical Programs

RCH ( Reproductive & Child Health ) has been implementing in 29 villages in Balanagar Mandal in the District. Similarly, we have implemented RCH -II ( on RTI / STI Components ) about 20000 population is targeted. Awareness on Reproductive Track infections / Sexually transmitted diseases given to the community.