Tribal Development Program

TDF:Tribal Development program being implemented at 18thandas of Thimmajipetmandal. First year 100 acres of plantation have completed. During the second year 200 acres plantation work is in progress. Capacity Building for farmers have taken up. Training to staff members conducted to take up the plantation smoothly. Horticulture department officials were involved in the capacity building programs to give more information for the staff. The farmers were taken to other TDF areas for exposure visits to educate them on all issues in mango plantation. Intercultivation, timely weeding and plant protection activities were taken up
The activities implemented in TDF project are given below

  1. Orchard development through wadi approach has completed
  2. Orchard  Development with fruit crops like Mango &Sapota
  3. Soil conservation in the wadis
  4. Water resource management ( Conservation and use ) 
  5. Sustainable agriculture methods
  6. Human Resource Development ( Community Development )
  7. Women Development ; With Special reference to drudgery reduction
  8.  Conduct of Community health camps
  9. Micro enterprise for landless people


In each Thanda of TDF area VPCs (Village Planning Committees) were organized and project implementation committees were organized.These committees will timely monitor the progress of project activities.