Covid-19 Relief

The Coronavirus outbreak is affecting all of us, but only some of us have access to essential services, hygiene facilities, and the safety of our homes. Thousands of marginalized families in Mahabubgnagar Telangana State are more vulnerable to this health crisis because of lack of quality public health care and sanitation facilities. Migrant families are facing severe problems in terms of getting food/ration. The lockdown in the State of Telangana due to Coronavirus has adversely affected lakhs of daily wage earners, migrant families, construction workers, and other slum dwellers, and so on, who have no means of income to feed their families for this long lockdown period. JADCHERLA is junction point , it is gate way to Andhra , Rayalaseema , Nalgonda & Karnataka. The migrant labour families are passed through Jadcherla in scorching sun. Indira Priya Darsini has provided food , water to Migrant labour. CWS has realized our voluntary efforts , involved indirapriya Darsini to work with rural communities on safe measures to avoid corona virus.

In these difficult circumstances and challenging times, it is essential that we show solidarity and come forward to help the ones in need and care. Indira Priya Darsini initiated campaigns & Awareness sessions to support the migrants & rural communities,construction families and other needy people to provide the Dry Ration and other safety kits in its working areas of Mahabubnagar&Nagarkurnool Districts


Mahabubnagar : 625 Families
Nagarkurnool : 375 Families
Jadcherla local : 235 Families

» What we have done:

  • Dry Ration, Vegetables and Health Hygiene kit for each Family which sustain them for 4 weeks.
  • Nutrition cooked Food and Biscuits to the Migrant Labourers.
  • Water and cocked food supply.
  • Started to provide the appropriate information to Youth Members, Religious and CSOs on Dos and Don’ts during the lockdown period.
  • Masks , Sanitizers , Soaps for Hand wash – 10000 people .