Our Activities

» Protection of Child Rights

Child line 1098 in entire Nagarkurnool District. It was India's first 24-hour, toll free, phone outreach service for children. Child line 1098 service is available all over India.Child line 1098 is not merely a phone number, it’s a lifeline for millions of children across India. It is a 24×7 emergency phone service for children in need of aid and assistance. Child line not only responds to the emergency needs of children but also connects them to relevant services for their long-term care and rehabilitation.

» One Stop Center

( SAKHI ) Women Protection activity –This center runs 24x7 basis , having toll free emergency phone service , OSC responds to the emergency needs of victim women . They provides counseling , Shelter , Medical care. The main objective of this activity is to protect women and child from domestic and sexual violence including rape, harmful practices.

» Farmer Producers Organizations

An FPO or Farmer Producing Organization is an entity established under legal framework comprises by primary producers, i.e. farmers, milk producers, fishermen, weavers, rural artisans, craftsmen, vegetable vendors etc. The concept of Farmer Producer Organizations (FPO) consists of collectivization of producers, especially small and marginal farmers, with the objective to form an effective alliance to collectively address underlying problems associated with agriculture such as improved access to investment, technology, inputs, markets, existing intermediary barriers etc.

» IWMP Watershed

The main objectives of the IWMP are to restore the ecology balance by harnessing conserving and developing degraded natural resources such as soil, vegetative cover and water. The outcomes are prevention of soil run off, regeneration of natural vegetation rainwater harvesting and recharging of ground water table.

Completed Activities

  • NABARD Assisted WDF ( Watershed Development program ) in 6 villages
  • NABARD MAA THOTA in 500 acres
  • Vocational Trainings –NABARD LEDP program –for 90 women
  • Customized Finicalliteracy awareness program in 60 villages
  • Sustainable village Development program in 3 completed watershed villages
  • UNICEF assisted YUVA SHAKTHI program in 113 villages