Our Partners

Partners in Development

During its entire journey, Indira Priya Darsini has developed a constructive relationship with all the partner agencies. The experience has not only supported the interventions, but was a great learning process for the organization in developing its abilities through various capacity building programs and meetings. The constructive inputs from the partner agencies gave a lot of scope for the development of organizational abilities in the field of community development.

In its endeavor to improve the situation of child rights, Indira Priya Darsini has been associated with many agencies and gratefully acknowledges the support extended by;

  • Ministry of Women & Child Development
  • UNICEF ( Through BIRDS – Kurnool )
  • NCLP – Mahabubnagar
  • DPEP – Mahabubnagar
  • DM&HO- Mahabubnagar
  • ChildLine India Foundation
  • Center for world Solidarity
  • Agriculture University